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About Us

Vision & Values. The first farmers in Arkansas built their homesteads with broad know-how, rough tools, and the sweat from what two people could carry by hand. This farm house was re-built to make an old truth new again: greater change comes when we work together. Sharing the load gets a job done, sharing ideas seeds progress. 

BlakeSt embodies some lofty principles and big goals: to be well rested, well fed, and well informed. To disconnect from work. To consider differing views or play lightly with ideas. To pour a great cocktail. To hear a great album yet have a quiet space to meditate. To improve our backstroke, or maybe just get that first chin-up. 

It is ambitious; anything worth doing usually is. 

It’s also simple: we support you, and your neighbor, in the pursuit of a personal best. What can we help you carry? 

Progress, in any fashion, is honorable. 

Join us at BlakeSt.

Bentonville, AR