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Hi friend,

The BlakeSt App is finally here. We've heard your feedback and are excited to bring you a more seamless digital experience to make your time at the House more enjoyable.

With the BlakeSt App, you can:

  • Book all services with a single login and in one place. 

  • Use your phone to open the front door.

  • Automatically check-in for upcoming reservations.

  • Sign up for waitlists and be automatically added to an activity.

  • Receive push notifications with House announcements. 

  • View our Library and Sound Lounge collections. 

  • And much more!

Use your App Store or Google Play Store to download the BlakeSt App today. You'll easily recognize it and can start using it immediately.

Read along to learn the ins and outs.

Create an Account

Now that you have downloaded the app, the next step is to create an account.

Below are some tips:

  • Disregard your previous login: Your previous username and password are now inactive. Please create a new one. 

  • Find your account: Please use the same name and email address we have on file. Your profile will not correctly pull if you use different information. (Watch out for Josh vs. Joshua, for example).

  • Payment method: Some payment methods might not have transferred due to their type of encryption. If it asks you for a payment method, please enter one. 

  • Add family members: To make future bookings more straightforward, we encourage you to add all Non-members with whom you come to the House often, even if they aren't family. 

Pretty straightforward! Moving on from here...

Your Phone is Your Key

Opening the front door is now more convenient. Tap the barcode on the top right corner of the app to unlock your Member card and scan at the door. If you are an iPhone user, you can "add to wallet" so the card appears on your lock screen whenever you approach the door. 

Your current fob will no longer work, so we'll have a recycling container near the front door.

Not fond of a digital key? Ask the Community Desk for a new physical tag instead. 

Personalize Your Experience

Members use the House for many different reasons. You can personalize the app to fit your specific needs. 

  • Rearrange the screens: Organize the Home and Explore pages to easily access the services you often use.

  • Add your favorites: "Heart" the classes you attend most often to quickly apply filters to the Schedule when booking activities. 

  • Add a profile photo: We can't wait to see you soon. 

  • Allow push notifications: We won't bug you too much. We want you to get the invites!

  • Setup Face ID: No need to remember another username and password.

Scan at the Desk

All members must also scan at the Community Desk, now in the Parlor, to check in to the facility and for upcoming services. This step also ensures our Team is alerted if anything is pending with your account, or if you have any messages. If you have guests using the Wellness areas, we'll ask them to register too. Don't worry– it takes only a second to tap the scanner, hear a beep, and walk on in. 

Checkout Books

We have a new kiosk in the library to check out books. Simply scan the book, followed by your Member card, and you're set. You can keep books for 14 days, but you can renew for another term for a maximum of 28 days. What are you reading next?

We're Here to Help

Changes can be tricky! We are happy to sit with you if you want us to guide us through the app. We'll have friendly Team members readily available in the Parlor over the next few days. Simply stop by and let's have a coffee!