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BlakeSt. We are a membership club with a focus on wellness. Our goal is to create a space for you to be the best version of yourself in what we hope will be your second home.

Community NormsBlakeSt encourages Members from all different backgrounds to join but we look for a shared common ground of:
I. Exhibit a willingness to ‘play lightly with ideas,’ keeping an open mind and suspending judgment
II. Share a desire to pursue their personal best — not perfection — and recognize the honor of such a pursuit in others
III. Actively engage, or desire to be engaged, in their community
IV. Foster the mutual trust and friendship inherent in good camaraderie

Benefits. Members benefit from full use of the house and programming. This includes: social spaces, dining and wellness facilities. Programming tailored for BlakeSt members will be ongoing, including hands-on workshops, fitness excursions, intimate gatherings and other immersive events. And that's just the beginning, friends.  

Membership. Our membership is determined through a nomination process. To learn more about the process, our benefits, and pricing, visit our digital Membership Booklet.